Modern Farmers Market Birthday Party

I have accidentally been putting off blogging about my first born's first birthday party because I get busy with things like feeding my children, doing the dishes, designing stuff for clients, and sometimes even sleeping. He'll be two in about a month, so I figured I should probably get this done before May is here.

Trying to decide a theme was a challenge. Cutesy-baby stuff for boys isn't really my style, so I had to think hard. It was springtime and farmers markets were everywhere. I loved seeing the logos for the actual markets as well as going to them to see the vendors' different designs.

While on Pinterest one day, my "For you" section was full of farmers markets logos and designs because I was pinning them like crazy from all the inspo they were giving me. I remember thinking how fun it would be to design one. Then it hit me-- Brooks Farmers Market will be the theme of his party!

Take a look at the fun we had! It was perfect weather and the most important people in our lives came over to celebrate and love on Baby Brooks. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

I styled the invitations to look + read like a flyer for an upcoming farmers market.

My sister used her Silhouette to print an iron on of the logo I designed so we could put them on shirts.

I printed the menu to look like a concession stand sign with prices listed. I was sure to put "All items free of charge for guests of Brooks" on it in case anyone tried to be funny and pay. :)

I used a (brand new and washed) galvanized boot tray for the fruit + veggies to be presented on.

The little kids who were invited got to take home a jar of jam (which was actually filled with Gerber Puffs).

Desert was strawberry shortcake made to look like a potted plant in these plastic starter pots. There were holes in the bottom of the pots, so I put a layer of tinfoil in one and stacked another one on top of that. They were then filled with layers of cake, strawberries, and whipped cream, and topped with crushed Oreos for the dirt and a fresh strawberry.

Of course we had Chick-fil-A as one of the entrées. Their chicken nuggets were the best part of the build-your-own cobb salads. Topping choices included fresh corn cut off the cob, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, cheddar cheese, and bacon, piled on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce. The other entrée was skinless bacon + cheddar brats. I ordered these kraft food trays for guests to fill their lunch with!

I cut disks out of a watermelon and stacked three high for the birthday boy's cake.

The older kids who were invited got a plastic mason jar with a straw and personalized with their name to drink lemonade from and bring home with them.

I designed a coloring book for all Brooks' friends that came to his party. (A free version for you to download and give to your kids is available at the bottom of this page.)

The sign with the logo on it costed me less than $5, and it was huge! I printed it at Staples as an engineer print and hung it with command strips so no holes were left behind.

I printed each of Brooks' monthly photos at Mpix (click here for a $5 promo code to use there) and taped them to string to hang from the wall. I used command strips here too.

It really was the perfect day for our sweet boy.

Download the farmers market activity + coloring pages here: Brooks Farmers Market Book. Post a photo + tag @prettypaperandco on Insta if your kids enjoy this!

With love from South Dakota,