I truly don't know what I like more-- buying gifts for others or wrapping them. Sitting in front of the tv watching Christmas Vacation, Elf, Home Alone, or The Grinch, while wrapping gifts? That's my kind of a winter wonder land. I know it all gets ripped off and thrown away, but there's something about a beautifully wrapped gift that makes it that much more special.

If you love to make those gifts shine on the outside too, I have you covered on gift tags!

I suggest printing these pretties on 8.5 x 11" cardstock. Cut them to size (final size is 3.5 x 2") and either punch a hole at the top or use some cute washi tape to stick them to your gifts. If you don't have cardstock, just use regular print paper, and do the washi tape thing instead of the hole punch thing.

Enjoy my loves!

Post a photo + tag @prettypaperandco if you use these. I'd love to see!

Download the freebie here...

Have a paper cutter?

You'll want to download this version of the tags: Holiday Gift Tags - No Lines

Also, here's a guide of how to cut these with a paper cutter. Final size of each tag is 3.5 x 2".

Don't have a paper cutter and will be cutting the tags out with a scissors?

Download this version of the tags: Holiday Gift Tags - Lines

Happy Holidays!

With love from South Dakota,

I love food, and I am a planner. So, of course I meal plan. It's two of my favorite things in one! Also, I find that my husband and I eat out less when I already know what I'm making for the week. There's no excuse to go grab something because we don't know what to make for dinner. Today I'm sharing my meal plan and market list with ya'll. Download + Print + Cut (right down the center of the page [4.25"x11"]). Hang these babies on your fridge for easy access. I have mine up to the side of the fridge along with a pen. That way, whenever we run out of something that we need at the market, I can quickly write it down.

Enjoy my loves!

Post a photo + tag @prettypaperandco if you use this. I'd love to see!

Download the freebie here:

Meal Plan + Market List

Also, here's some magnets you can use to hang these on your fridge with...

Hearth & Hand Gold Clips

(You can't hang too much in these clips, the magnet isn't strong enough. But dammit are they pretty! I use the small one to hang up my pen with.)

up&up Silver Magnet Clips

(This is what I use for the lists. They're much stronger. I can print off more copies and have more on hand this way.)

With love from South Dakota,

In between the feedings and the cuddles with our new baby boy Brooks, I finally found time to photograph his nursery...just in time to pack it up at the end of the month because we bought a house! Anyways, this is his first nursery, and I wanted to be sure to capture it. I went with clean and simple (two of my favorite words) neutrals with greenery all over. My goal was for the feel to be sophisticated, calm, and cozy -- a place my husband and I would truly want to spend time in (I'm talking bout those late night feedings ya'll). I tried to incorporate a bit of our personalities too; fish print + antique brass duck for dad and The Beatles sheet music + lots of plants for mom. I'm super happy with how my vision came together. Take a peek!

This is the mood board I made before I started to find things for the space.

Nursery Details:


dresser + removable changing tray

end table

faux fiddle leaf fig plant


leather pouf

area rug


baby gym: my handy husband made this!

black + white globe

night's sky print