Updated: Feb 14

Just like for Valentine’s Day treats, I put a little tag on Halloween treats for the special ones we deliver to the boys' cousins, neighbors, and friends. I wanted to share these with you to use this year. There are two options to choose from. Enjoy my loves!

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With love from South Dakota,

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

I was thinking about what Brooks' second birthday party theme should be about a month before the day. Sesame Street? Super heroes? (Or as Brooks calls them, Supers.”) But anything I was coming up with I didn't love. So I turned to Brooks and asked him what he wanted his theme to be. Without hesitation, he replied, Milka?" I laughed and went back to the drawing board. A couple days later I still hadn't decided but remembered what Brooks had said-- milk. I thought, why not?! Along with Hampton (his green stuffed hippo), milka" is definitely at the top of his favorite things in the world list.

I had to get a little creative because his birthday was during the quarantining due to the pandemic of 2020, so I knew we couldn't invite a ton of friends and family.

On the invitation, I asked our family to grab a glass of milk to cheers Brooks and take a photo with the enclosed letter that spelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKS!" There was also a small card that they could write well wishes to the birthday boy on and send back. I wanted to keep it simple for anyone who was quarantining.

Brooks face lit up when he saw this! I laminated a copy of it that he looks at no less than five times a day to name the faces.

My sister used her Silhouette to print an iron on of the shirt design I made.

Brooks drank his milka" out of a vintage looking milk bottle. I used my embosser to put a label on it that said BIRTHDAY BOY. As you can tell from the middle photo, he loved it.

Everyone at the table had a party hat and a milk mustache that I cut out of foam paper with adhesive backing.

Brooks' guest list included:

• Elliott, his little brother who he was not sure about when we first brought him home, but literally loves more and more everyday;

• Hampton, his very loved green hippo;

• Indigo (Indy), his golden puppy;

• Woodford, Elliott's right hand guy;

• Pickles, a bulldog full of rolls;

• and Chubs, a happy gator.

I designed the MORE MILK please" sign and had it printed at Staples as an engineering print. It came to less than $5 for a big 36x24 inch sign. It's printed on super thin paper, but it does the job for something that's going to get thrown away. I used Command Strips to hang it.

I made a tres leches cake, which means three milks-- couldn't have been more perfect for the theme.

I wanted this to be a milk themed party, not cow themed, so I kept the cow touches to a minimum. I used a glass milk bottle with some flowers in it as the center piece. I also designed some paper milk cartons with a MOOOOOO graphic on the side. I filled them with white M&M's in place of milk and finished each with a black and white paper straw.

Brooks' nana and papa were able to come along with his Uncle Austin and Callie.

We had so much fun celebrating our sweet, strong-willed, packed full of personality, milka" loving two year old.

With love from South Dakota,

Blossom: A place for children to explore and learn through child-led and open-ended play. When owner, Brittney Pohlen, told me about the idea of opening a space like this for children, I basically told her she HAS to do it. She has a big, beautiful heart that I knew she'd fully put into this dream. I couldn't have been more excited to work with her on creating the face of Blossom. It makes me so happy to see it grow into a place that both children and parents love.